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Strategic plan

The ASRC’s strategic plan, 2018 – 2021 is our road map and vision for the welcoming Australia we want for people seeking asylum; one that is generous, compassionate, embraces the resilience, entrepreneurial spirit and potential of refugees to enable people to thrive.

Our three year strategic plan centres around the following four goals.

1. We increase impact by focusing on critical and unmet needs through collaboration, innovation and evaluation.

People seeking asylum have multiple and complex needs – ranging from basic survival needs, such as food and housing, through to higher-order needs, such as education, skills and economic opportunities to integrate and be independent. At ASRC, we make it a priority to ensure we work collaboratively with partners to understand the needs and gaps, and advocate to government and other stakeholders for durable solutions. We ensure all our programs are targeted to critical and unmet needs, and we adapt when those needs change.

2. We are positioned to respond to immediate and long term challenges locally and regionally.

In 2017, ASRC mobilised to respond to four crises, stemming from drastic policy changes with disastrous consequences for people seeking asylum. We take a crisis management approach, to ensure we have allocated resources to mobilise quickly and respond to the new needs of emerging crises with programs, fundraising, advocacy and community engagement, without disrupting our usual and essential delivery of services. We also understand displacement is a global issue and seek to better understand the longer-term outlook within our region and the role we can play in addressing local and regional challenges.

3. Work together to build a powerful movement that leads effective social change for people seeking asylum.

As part of a movement, the ASRC supports a collaborative approach to advocacy and community engagement that takes a whole-of-society approach to advocating for the rights of people seeking asylum. We seek to understand and implement best practice for networking, organising and campaigning. As part of our advocacy strategy, we seek to work collaboratively with partners to share knowledge, information and resources with a broad network of interested stakeholders.

4. We operate sustainably and are transparent and accountable to our community.

Click here to view and download a summary of the strategic plan and the 2022 strategic plan actions.