Integrated Services Hub

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) is set to expand with the construction of a new Integrated Services Hub (ISH) at Dandenong to provide vital services to people seeking asylum in Melbourne’s south-east.

We are now taking expressions of interest for probono support from commercial organisations to help us deliver this project.

The new ISH will support people seeking asylum by delivering place-based holistic services in conjunction with local service providers.

The existing 800sqm building located at 205 Thomas Street, Dandenong was purchased for the ASRC in 2018 and spans two-storeys. 
The new property represents the first permanent home for the ASRC and offers new stability and certainty to underpin service delivery. Explore how we are building a new hope through the Dandenong Hub Tour here.

The ASRC will partner with the community sector, local government and community leaders to develop and implement innovative community-based solutions for people seeking asylum.

The ISH will provide services and spaces for learning, empowerment, volunteering, and advocacy. Furthermore, volunteers, partners, and the local community will come together to provide the resources people seeking asylum need to live independently and sustainably.

The ASRC works to ensure that people seeking asylum can live safely, sustainably, independently and equally within the Australian society. Its mission is to support and empower people at critical junctures of their journey. The ISH will create access to diverse services and programs to increase the
well-being of people seeking asylum through social and economic participation.

In the process of establishing and developing the ISH, the ASRC’s primary responsibilities are expected to be:

  • Initiating partnerships in the development of integrated, place-based and regional approaches to service delivery
  • Coordinating the integrated development and operations of the ISH promoting and supporting efficient, effective and equitable service delivery
  • Delivering services based on the ASRC’s existing expertise including paralegal, employment and education support

During 2019, the ASRC will finalise partnership and governance arrangements for the ISH. There is still scope for additional partners to be involved, including shorter-term or ‘one-off’ partnerships for community activities or events once the hub is up and running.

In order to help and support people seeking asylum, the ASRC has identified four critical themes regarding their needs: 

  1. A shifting circle of complex needs (housing, material aid, employment, education, health, and legal)
  2. A sense of ‘embrace’ that some support services provide
  3. Community partnerships that build cooperative relationships
  4. Service provider collaborations (a practical way to extend the reach of resources)

Importantly, the principles underpinning the ISH delivery should be implemented at every stage – from provider collectives and service delivery right through to the way well-being is measured and defined in program evaluations, and how member outcomes are reported. The principles are supported through key elements of effective service delivery.

Critical services for members of the ASRC

  • Foodbank
  • Material aid 
  • Medical aid
  • Legal advice
  • Casework and counselling
  • Education
  • Employment 
  • Social and community development activities

Partnering for service delivery

The ASRC will deliver services based on existing expertise, including paralegal, employment and education support. The following organisations have expressed interest in being either co-located or virtual partners in the ISH:

  • Springvale Neighbourhood House
  • Wayss Limited
  • Monash Health
  • Link Health and Community
  • Link Arvo Care

Key spaces of the new facility

  • Foodbank and lunchroom with commercial kitchen
  • Increased meeting rooms and reception area
  • Education space with increased classrooms
  • Prayer room
  • Flexible workspaces
  • Lift access
  • General updates to existing amenities

Thank you to our partners

The new Integrated Services Hub represents the first permanent home in Dandenong enabling the ASRC and partner organisations to build and grow services for people seeking asylum in Melbourne’s south east.

The development of the ISH would not be possible without the generosity of industry partners who are providing pro-bono and low-bono support for the project.

Support Us

If you are a charity organisation interested in co-occupying the Integrated Services Hub in Dandenong
 or wish to support the refurbishment project, please get in contact with us through the form below.


Abiola Ajetomobi – Innovation Hub Director

Phone: (03) 9326 6066 (Footscray)
(03) 8772 1380 (Dandenong)

We are currently seeking expressions of interest to support this refurbishment project in the following areas:

Demolition Works
Structural Alterations
Internal Walls & Doors
Internal Wall Finishes
Internal Floor Finishes

Internal Ceiling Finishes
Fittings & Fixtures
Specialist Equipment
Hydraulic Services
Vertical Transportation

Electrical Services
Mechanical Services
Fire Protection
External Works / Landscaping
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