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Here students will find all kinds of information and resources about people seeking asylum to help you learn more and find out the real situation faced by people seeking safety in Australia.

A lot of the answers to questions in school projects can be found in our resources and fact sheets.

  • Right to asylum

    Every person has the right to live free from persecution, or from the fear of persecution. When governments fail to protect these rights, people have the right to move to a country that will protect them. This is the right to asylum.

Student Resource Kit

These documents help you to understand the stages involved in the process of seeking asylum to becoming recognised as a refugee. Read through our list of false claims and statements people make about people seeking asylum and learn why they are myths and what the truth is. When you are ready, take our quiz in the Student Resource Kit to test your knowledge.

Student Resource Kit

Mythbusters summary

Myths, facts and solutions


Simple Acts you can do to make a difference now!

  • Find out where your family comes from and why they came to Australia
  • Learn a greeting in another language. “Jambo” means “hello” in Swahili!
  • Learn how to cook a dish from another country
  • Play a game of football with people seeking asylum
  • Invite our community speakers to come to your school and talk to you about asylum seekers
  • Host a fundraising event (such as a fun run) or have gold coin donation day at school to support the ASRC’s work helping thousands of people seeking Australia’s protection
  • Smile at someone who is from a different nationality or ethnic group than you


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