Material Aid

The ASRC Material Aid program supports people seeking asylum and refugees to access nappies, Myki support and essential household, baby, and clothing items in Melbourne. The program provides equitable access to these services, and links people in with services in their local community that can also assist in supplying items required.

This page provides information for people seeking asylum on: 

  • How to get help accessing material items (furniture, household goods, clothing, bedding, nappies) in Melbourne.

New to the ASRC
If you are new to the ASRC and need access to material aid, please call 03 9326 6066 or come to the centre and our team can assess your circumstances.

We are located on Level 2 of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre at 214-218 Nicholson St, Footscray VIC 3011.

Existing Members

If you are not new to the ASRC and would like to access these services, phone or come in and see the Welcome Team at our Footscray centre. We are located on Level 2 of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre at 214-218 Nicholson St, Footscray VIC 3011, or call (03) 9326 6066.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ASRC does not provide material items such as clothing, furniture or household items.

However, we work with other organisations in our community who specialise in providing these items. The ASRC can refer you to these partner organisations to help you get the items you need. 

Most of our partner organisations provide very good quality, clean second-hand items. Occasionally, there are new items available, but these are subject to availability. 

We are unable to provide electronic items as there are specific industry requirements to manage and test electronic devices. Some of our partner organisations may have basic, used items available. If you have school children, we can advise you on what resources you can access from your school. 

Additional Support

I need help with material items, but I am not seeking asylum. Where can I get help?

We want to help connect you to other service providers offering material aid services for the wider community. Try getting in contact with: