How to help refugees during COVID-19

The situation for people seeking asylum and refugees in the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic is dire. 

As some of the most vulnerable people in our community refugees and people seeking asylum are being hit hardest by COVID-19 as thousands are currently living through this crisis with no safety net. 

They are facing this global health crisis with no savings, no income and no work rights.

What will happen to vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Government has made no provision for support of people seeking asylum and refugees in any of its stimulus packages. 

For thousands of people seeking asylum the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre is their only place to turn.

Without income or access to safety nets like Centrelink or Medicare, this pandemic is exposing people seeking asylum even further to illness, destitution and the very worst of a system that has all but forgotten they exist.

Please donate to our EMERGENCY CASH APPEAL today to ensure the ASRC can continue to provide emergency aid to people seeking asylum during the COVID-19 crisis.

Your donation funds the ASRC to deliver critical frontline humanitarian services such as our Foodbank, crisis housing and medical clinic, giving people a fighting chance at safety and security in the long months ahead.

There truly has never been a more important time to donate to the ASRC.

Please stand with us and give as generously as you can

Because people’s survival depends on it.

You are their lifeline.