ASRC Catering is a social enterprise established by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre to employ people seeking asylum who have the right and capacity to work. All surplus funds generated from the catering business go towards supporting people seeking protection who do not have the right to work and are unable to access Federal Government services. We aim to provide pathways to further employment opportunities for people seeking asylum through education, training and hands-on work experience. We also demonstrate how they make a positive contribution to our society, and raise community awareness about asylum and refugee issues.

ASRC Catering

What We Do

ASRC Catering, Melbourne Australia. Under the direction of talented international chefs, ASRC Catering can provide for private and corporate functions alike: including celebrations, business conferences, launches, exhibitions and community festivals. A fusion of flavours from around the world, ASRC Catering specialises in hot and cold, finger food, main courses and sweet finger food.