ASRC Cleaning is a social enterprise which offers cleaning for home an business

ASRC Cleaning is a social enterprise providing commercial and domestic cleaning services to the Melbourne region. Our employees are members of the ASRC and are currently seeking asylum.

When you choose to use ASRC Cleaning, you are not only helping to support sustainable employment for people seeking asylum, you are helping to rebuild lives with dignity and independence.

ASRC Cleaning is a service that can be booked by any customer living in Melbourne whose house or property is easily accessible by public transport. All equipment and chemicals should be supplied by the customer.

Our hard working staff have completed Certificate II in Cleaning and/or have extensive experience as Cleaners. They all have undertaken OH&S Training and completed all police check and Working With Children Check requirements.

All bookings are confirmed instantly and you will be emailed a Conditions of Service form to complete (first clean only). Bookings can be made up to a month in advance.

Pricing and How to Pay

Cleaning services prices as of 1 January 2018:

Cleaning serviceService durationPrice (includes GST)
Studio apartment1.5 hours$70.00
Small dwelling2 hours$92.00
Medium dwelling2.5 hours$104.00
Large dwelling3 hours$125.00
4 hours cleaning4 hours$165.00
Spring Clean5 hours$202.00
End of Lease Clean8 hours$304.00

For all bookings that finishing after 6:00 PM the after hour rate will apply. Please contact the office for more information.

You will receive an invoice on the Tuesday following the service. Payment options include credit card and electronic funds transfer. No money should be exchanged with the cleaner.

The Conditions of Service form received once you have booked the service requires you to provide a credit card number. This is for security purposes only and may be charged in the event of a late cancellation.

Commercial Cleaning

ASRC Cleaning provides a range of commercial cleaning services in and around Melbourne.

To get a quote for your business please contact our team.

An ASRC Cleaning team member will then contact you to arrange an inspection of the premises and discuss your needs.

Contact us

or phone 03 9274 9880

Staff available

Our cleaners will travel anywhere in Melbourne that is close to public transport and requires minimal connections.

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What to expect

Standard of cleaning

All cleaners are aware of the service that has been agreed to and the tasks that are expected of them. Please bear in mind that expectations vary customer to customer and as such we encourage you to be present in the first instance and to give the cleaner a tour of your property. Where a task is not performed to your expectation, or where you feel too much time has been spent on a task, please raise this with the cleaner – as you would with any household cleaner.

Questions and concerns

The day to day operation of ASRC Cleaning is managed by volunteers. These volunteers spend their time between ASRC offices at Footscray and Dandenong. Volunteers can usually be reached between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday. Where a volunteer cannot be reached, please email and we will respond as soon as possible.


For the majority of our cleaners, English is not their first language. English proficiency will vary, however all have a level of English satisfactory to complete nationally accredited training. If you are struggling to communicate with your cleaner:

  • Make sure you are not trying to communicate too much information at once
  • Avoid colloquial language and idioms
  • Speak slowly, and pronounce words as clearly as you can
  • Consider if the word translates easily (for example “door” does, whereas “door mat” does not. “Key under door mat” might therefore prove problematic)
  • Try writing down your message – often a person’s written comprehension is very good. Most have a translating app on their mobile phone for unknown words.

Their story

The cleaner may share parts of their story with you whilst they are at your property, particularly if they are seeing you on a regular basis. Retelling their story can be distressing and should only be instigated by the cleaner. Please call the ASRC on 03 9326 6066 and ask for the ASRC Cleaning Coordinator if you feel the need to discuss anything the cleaner has said.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What chemicals and equipment will the cleaner use?

The cleaner will make use of equipment and chemicals at your property. Chemicals must be non-dangerous, non-hazardous and not requiring additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Most household chemicals available from your supermarket will be fine.

What if the cleaner injures himself/herself whilst at my property?

All our cleaners carry mobile phones and have been instructed on how to dial for help. Each cleaner carries identification which lists emergency contact details. All cleaners have the appropriate insurance cover.

Do you offer a commercial cleaning service?

ASRC Cleaning has the capacity to clean offices, schools, churches, commercial and retail spaces across Melbourne. Please email with your requirements to arrange a quote.

What if a cleaner fails to turn up at the agreed time?

Cleaners are reminded the day before of upcoming jobs. Given that most of ASRC Cleaning’s employees are relying on public transport to reach their destination, the ASRC cannot commit to an exact arrival time. If a cleaner is unwell and unable to attend a job, the ASRC will attempt to have a replacement sent out, but it may be necessary on occasions, to reschedule. We will keep you updated with any changes to your service.

Are your cleaners properly screened and trained?

Absolutely. The ASRC has a three-stage recruitment process. Our hard working staff have completed Certificate II in Cleaning and/or have extensive experience as Cleaners. They all have undertaken OH&S Training and completed police and Working With Children check requirements.

Cleaners are renowned for being poorly paid. Are your cleaners properly paid?

Yes. All of the ASRC cleaners are paid according to the Cleaning Services Award.

Will having an asylum seeker cleaner be any different to any other household cleaner?

From a cleaning perspective no – however considering our cleaners’ circumstances, it may be useful to read the What to Expect guidelines.

How much notice is required for a booking? How early can we book?

All bookings are subject to the ASRC having the capacity to complete the job on the day. The more advance notice you can provide to the ASRC, the more likely you will secure the cleaning time of choice. Priority is given to recurring jobs.