Information Regarding Temporary (Humanitarian Concern) Visas (THCV) (786) and Humanitarian Stay (Temporary) Visa (HSTV) (449)

Important update regarding Temporary (Humanitarian Concern) Visas (THCV) (786) and Humanitarian Stay (Temporary) Visa (HSTV) (449)

Earlier this year we posted information about the Department of Immigration and Border Protection offering two types of visas to asylum seekers who arrived in Australia by boat or were not immigration cleared at the airport, in an attempt to deny refugees their legal right to a permanent Protection Visa (866 XA Visa).

We informed you that the Department has been utilising two visas:

  • Humanitarian Stay (Temporary) Visa (449); and
  • Temporary (Humanitarian Concern) Visa (786)

There is important new information about the use of these visas which you should understand.

You may have read in the media that Temporary Humanitarian Concern Visas were disallowed by the Australian Senate. This information is not accurate and could be misleading. Temporary Humanitarian Concern Visas still exist.

However, on 27 March, 2014, the Australian Senate disallowed Regulation 866.222 which means that if you arrived by boat or were not immigration cleared at the airport, you may, once again, be eligible for a permanent Protection Visa (866 XA Visa). It is important to understand how the law stands right now (as at 04 April, 2014) to determine whether you are eligible for a Protection Visa or whether you are still in a position where you might be offered a Temporary Humanitarian Concern visa.

Please read our FACT SHEET (current as at 04 April, 2014) to better understand the law and how it affects you.

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