Babies born to people seeking asylum and refugees in Australia in danger

410 people seeking asylum and refugees at risk of deportation. Take action now to #LetThemStay

People seeking asylum and refugees in Australia need your help.

 There are 410 men, women and children including 37 babies and 90 children are at immediate risk of being sent back into the unsafe conditions of the detention centres in Manus Island and Nauru. Some of these kids were born in Australia. They are Australian. We must #LetThemStay!

Within weeks, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre will have as many as 200 highly vulnerable people at our doors in need of immediate housing, food, material aid.


What is happening to people seeking asylum and refugees in Australia?                            

People seeking asylum and refugees in Australia are now suffering a new human rights injustice due to a deplorable refugee policy change by the Turnbull government which takes effect today. Men, women and children who have had no work rights for four years, will now have to fend for themselves without any notice.

This new policy affects babies born here, children who are going to school in Australia, families, women and people who are rebuilding their lives.

Right now, people seeking asylum have started receiving letters stating they are being moved onto a “final departure Bridging E Visa”.

How we are responding on behalf of people seeking asylum and refugees in Australia affected by this deplorable change in govt policy?

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, along with our sector partners across Australia have been calling people affected to reassure and connect them to legal services for advice and representation.

Our movement gives front line emergency services for people affected, as well as putting pressure on the government and opposition to #LetThemStay.

We ask you and are calling on our community of supporters to take action to stand with the hundreds of people seeking asylum and refugees and families impacted by this policy.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Donate now to the #LetThemStay appeal to help us meet the critical need for around 200 people affected in Victoria
  2. Join our movement and take action.


Information for people brought to Australia from Nauru and Manus.
There is an important change happening. Today, some people have been asked to go to interviews at immigration. If you don’t already have an appointment on Monday, this is not happening for you yet, but it might in the future.
At the immigration interview, you will be asked to sign for a Bridging Visa E. The visa will give you work rights and Medicare. But it will stop your Centrelink immediately, and you will be given 3 weeks to move out of your community detention housing.

Immigration is calling this a Final Departure Bridging Visa. The visa is for six months, and they are saying that after the visa finishes, you must leave Australia and go to Nauru, Manus or your own country.

If you are given this visa, you should go to get support from your local asylum seeker support organisation. I will post a list soon. Everyone has been working very hard to make sure that nobody will be in a bad situation because of this visa. There will be organisations to help you with housing, food, and other support. Remember, you will be able to work and move around Australia to live wherever you want.
Make sure you call your lawyer, and go to the appointment at immigration.
Remember that you are a well-supported group and there are many people who will work very hard to make sure you are ok. Your lawyers are working very hard right now to try and make sure the government can’t make you leave Australia at the end of the 6 months.

If you are scared or you have questions, you can call Natasha Blucher from ASRC 0478 183 783