The ASRC Mentoring program brings together people seeking asylum and volunteer mentors from vocational, professional and business sectors to form a mentoring partnership. The partnerships aims to support, explore and expand career pathways and vocational opportunities for people seeking asylum by connecting them with experienced professionals that can share local knowledge of their sector and the Australian workplace, professional expertise and networks.

The program empowers people seeking asylum to find sustainable employment including jobs in their chosen sector, and support to become independent and meaningful contributors to the community. Other outcomes include industry internships, enrollment in tertiary education and importantly, building of confidence and professional skills of mentees.

In the past 12 months, the program has supported 61 mentees seeking asylum, 30% of whom are women and 30 matched partnerships.  This program is upheld by 13 dedicated volunteers.


Become a mentor

If you are a professional in the Australian workplace and wish to volunteer as a mentor, please email or call 03 8537 9500 to speak to a Mentoring advisor.

Become a mentee

If you are a person seeking asylum and would like to join the program, please drop into the Innovation Hub at 214-218 Nicholson Street, Footscray between 10am and 5pm or call 03 8537 9500 to speak to a Mentoring advisor.

The program comprises two streams, vocational and professional mentoring.

Professional mentoring

Professionals seeking asylum with work rights are matched with their Australian professional counterpart and over 12 months, are supported to develop career plans, build up knowledge of the Australian workplace, expand local networks and knowledge of the sector, receive support to search for jobs as well as develop personal and professional goals.

Vocational mentoring

People seeking asylum who may not have professional qualifications or work rights can be matched with a mentor from a similar vocational background to develop long-term vocational goals and strategies to best access education, training and employment opportunities.

The program responds and adapts to the different stages that members experience in their employment pathway. The transition-based model provides holistic and individualised opportunities for each member.



The Mentoring program holds networking events every three months called NetWORCs whcih feature guest speakers, group discussion and Q&As that support participants of the program to build networks and learn new skills to help them in their journey to finding employment.

If you would like to attend a NetWORCs event as a professional or person seeking asylum, please email