Host a Food Drive or Fundraiser for World Refugee Day

Become a Hero of Hope by hosting a Food Drive or Fundraiser in the lead-up to World Refugee Day Telethon on June 20.

Unite your staff, students, community group or neighbours at your Food Drive or Fundraiser and get ready to join refugees and people seeking asylum in recognising and commemorating their strength and resilience in their journey to safety and calling Australia home.

As a special thank you for becoming a Hero of Hope, you will be invited to visit our Footscray centre on World Refugee Day (June 20) for a tour of the centre and be part of the annual World Refugee Day Telethon action, powered by the ASRC.

Together with refugees, be a force for change.

How do you want to get involved?

Run a Food Drive

By running a Food Drive, you are making a difference to people’s lives by providing one of the most basic human rights – access to food.

Your Food Drive can be the perfect way to celebrate World Refugee Day by bringing much needed food and essential items to restock the shelves of the ASRC Foodbank in Footscray and Dandenong.

Every fortnight, the ASRC Foodbank provides food, toiletries and other essentials for more than 600 people.

More than 80% of the people we support have no income and the ASRC Foodbank is their only pathway to food security and personal hygiene items.

How to Run a Food Drive

Pick a start and end date that works for you and your school, community or workplace. Just remember, the shorter the time span for your food drive, the easier it will be to keep people engaged. We suggest your end date is within the week before the World Refugee Day Telethon.

Choose a drop-off location for the food. If your food drive is at a school, in an office or community centre, choose a drop-off location that is accessible and highly visible. Provide a large container labelled Food Drive and include a copy of the recommended foods list.

Once your Food Drive is finished, contact us to organise delivery.

How to Host a Fundraiser

Your donations are vital! The ASRC provides critical programs to support over 7,000 people seeking asylum every year and money raised from fundraising activities goes towards the areas of greatest need; this could be anything from our Foodbank, housing, casework, legal, employment or health programs. 

What type of Fundraiser can a Hero of Hope do?

Some of the most popular and easiest ways to fundraise are through casual clothes days, garage sales and delicious bake sales.

Or brush off your superpowers and challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone like a mini marathon, zumba dance off or sponsored karaoke night.

Our Thank You!

As a special thank you for becoming a Hero for Hope this World Refugee Day, when you raise $500 (or equivalent in food) we’ll send you a gift. Enjoy the choice between a copy of the book ‘Seeking Asylum: Our Stories’ or the children’s book ‘My Two Blankets’ plus a limited edition Olana Janfa jigsaw puzzle. Raise the bar to $750 and we’ll double the thank-you gifts.

All items are great additions to your school library, kinder, home, or local community centre!

For the organiser of your fundraiser/food drive, we’ll also send them a pack of goodies courtesy of Aesop so they can wind down after all their efforts!*

*Must raise $750 (or equivalent in food).

Got a question or need to chat about an idea for your food drive or fundraiser