Messages of Welcome

We welcome you, weary traveller. May you now rest and find comfort and peace in our country. We are happy to have you, may all your troubles be left in the past, and your dreams be realised here.
Everyone has the rights to seek freedom and peace, and I know that besides me, many Australians are always willing to welcome asylum seekers and refugees as new Australian also.
We are in many ways a lucky country & that luck has come from having people from all over the planet including those who were here before us bringing their wealth of experience & culture to add to & enrich our own. Welcome to all. We are blessed by this diversity.
My home is your home 🏡
Many of us care. You are so welcome here.... Try not to give up hope.
We gain so much by you joining us. Welcome!
Welcome! We care about you and hope you find happier times in your new home.
Great to see you! Welcome to the best country in the world!

Welcome - we hope you find Australia a place to make a safe fulfilling life...

It would be selfish to not share this amazing country with those who need a home. Everyone is welcome, valued and loved. We see you, we care, Australia is your home now and we are your family
I welcome you to Australia with open arms, an open mind and every good wish for a safe and successful future in this great country of ours.
Diversity and resilience help Australia grow and become better. You are welcome here.
I hope your efforts to leave your country will be worthwhile and you enjoy living here.
I welcome all with an open heart and open arms. I am sorry and ashamed for the way in which some people have treated asylum seekers but I promise that they are the minority. Australia was built by boat people ❤
Welcome. We are so lucky you have landed here with us. Thank you and best wishes and blessings on you.
May life in Australia be filled with hope and happiness for you.
Welcome to Australia - I welcome you with your culture, language, skills, life experiences and everything else about you that makes you unique in this big world of ours. I hope you are happy and safe, and find community and many opportunities to experience the good aspects of Australia and Australians. Welcome to Australia
Stay Standing knows that older adults keep families and communities strong and stable. Our work keeps older adults moving safely, no matter where in the world they come from. We hold falls prevention programs in many languages. We warmly welcome refugees and asylum seekers as part of our community.
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Our organization is a network of over 90 member groups, affiliates and many more individual supporters. We act to support refugees and people seeking asylum as they make a new life in Australia. Welcoming refugees and people seeking asylum is integral to building a diverse, cohesive and strong community.
U Ethical believes that one of Australia’s greatest strengths is its cultural diversity. This diversity should not be taken for granted – it should be cherished and celebrated.

Many of our team, including me, were born overseas and acknowledge that we arrived as guests in a land of diverse cultures stretching back tens of thousands of years. We acknowledge too that many in our community arrived here seeking refuge from situations in their home countries that were beyond their control. Asylum seekers and refugees are one of the most vulnerable groups of people in Australia and protections for them are under threat. We believe it is beholden on all of us to continue the culture of welcome that we have benefited from ourselves.
Our team members come from everywhere. Diversity is our strength as a business, as it is Australia's strength. We stand beside all refugees and asylum seekers and extend our support to your hopes for a better life.
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No matter who you are, you deserve love, respect and kindness. Those who need help and seek asylum deserve our support. I support you. I welcome you. Maybe someday we'll be neighbours
Welcome. I am sorry for the fear and pain you have gone through previously. May you find safety, respect and peace here.
Strength = unity in diversity. You are very welcome in our community.
My heart welcomes you, my country welcomes you, together, lets build our home together.
We have lots of room to share. We welcome you with open arms to your new home.
Come in peace and enjoy all that Australia offers.
You are welcome in my home, don't let anyone tell you we are full, we have more room than we can ever use. Especially for those who have the drive and desire to escape persecution and hate and make a better life for themselves and thier families.
Welcome to Australia. Let's get to know each other better.
Welcome to our country, you brave, wonderful and courageous people!
I'm so happy to welcome refugees and people seeking asylum. You make Australia a richer and more interesting place and I thank you.
Welcome Welcome Welcome, I welcome you all with open arms.
We welcome because we have been there and we want to become stronger through welcoming rather than creating barriers.
Your story inspires me in my own life. Always remember that migrants are what makes this country so wonderful... that we are all working together, and that there are many people who hold asylum seekers in their hearts.
Welcome my brothers & sisters.
I believe that you should never turn away a stranger. The stranger may be an angel.
As the child of immigrants I welcome anyone seeking relief from trauma or persecution and the opportunity to build a new home with full commitment to the country that home will be built in.
Welcome to those seeking safe shores
Welcome! I want you to feel safe and happy in your new lives in Australia. I respect your culture and want to learn about it as you learn about us. We are all the same people, united as one.
Thank you for making it this far. You are so welcome here. My parents were also refugees who sought asylum in Australia, hence I understand the struggle.
My parents migrated to Australia. They were welcomed. They stayed. I was born here. I welcome you. I hope I can help you know that same welcome. Sincerely
Welcome to this wonderful country we call home. We will be better as a nation for having you part of our culture.
We are not full.
You are welcome, you are valued.
Please make this your home.
Never stop searching for a better future.
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Welcome to a land of great fortune that we are happy to share with you!
One world. All human. Imagine all the people living life as one...

You and your family are welcome here.

Welcome. I would love nothing more than for you to find safety, comfort and happiness here. To meet new friends and share what you have brought with you, your culture and knowledge so that we could learn more about the world and fly towards a more peaceful future.
Whatever your origin, you are welcome in my idea of a just Australia
Migrants helped bring Australia into a Nation of innovation diversity . New migrants today will make Australia “Great Again!
Welcome to all those who seek asylum. You have contributed so much to Australia in the past and continue to do so. But even if you are too old or ill to contribute, you have a human right to be protected, so welcome to you also.
Welcoming all those from all nations, walks of life and different cultures to enjoy the freedoms of Australia and the support of the Australian community!
Every person arriving in Australia who is wanting a safe place to live, to have a future, to recover from any trauma suffered in your homeland, I open my arms and welcome you. Welcome
Welcome, this is your home now :)
I am with you, for you.
We abhor and reject discrimination and inequality and promote diversity in all its forms. ThoughtWorks is the home to diverse and passionate technologists who positively impact our clients and society, and inspire our industry to continually improve.
I welcome people from all cultures and walks of life seeking refuge or asylum. I hope this can be a welcoming and warm home for you.
You are one of us. Together we are stronger. Welcome sisters and brothers.
Welcome to Australia. Make yourself at home.
We do welcome you and wish you peace and joy in your chosen home. Namaste.
Welcome to our beautiful country! We look forward to being enriched by your culture and experience :) I truly wish you all the success and prosperity.
I welcome good people seeking refuge regardless of their race or religion. I acknowledge the contribution so many refugees have made in making Australia a better place, and the contribution many will make in the future.
Welcome to all refugees and asylum seekers!
Your skills, experiences and diversity are valuable to all.
We welcome all refugees and people seeking asylum.
We are children of this planet. Each of my four immediate family members were born in four different countries. But we share the same heart, the same food and the breathe the same air. Come be part of our international family.
I welcome asylum seekers and all refugees to my country. We are a country of migrants from everywhere. I am glad you are joining us and wish God’s blessing on your journey to permanent settlement and citizenship. I love the motto ‘Don’t give up, give back.’
I welcome all who are fleeing terrible times in their country. A smile to those of all backgrounds and cultures mends hearts. I love the diversity that refugees and migrants have brought to Australia. Where would we be without the delicious French style bread that the Vietnamese people brought to Australia? A people welcomed by a compassionate Prime Minister. Oh to have another PM with compassion.
With you, we stand- in love and solitude.
My parents came to Australia for a better life and they found it. I hope one day you can do the same for your children.
Your strength and resilience amazes me. I welcome you to Australia to be one of us and to call Australia your home.

Thanks to the +6,000 supporters for showing your welcome to people seeking asylum in Australia