People seeking asylum face many barriers to live independently and are increasingly presenting at the ASRC with financial stress, complex mental health issues and greater impacts on their wellbeing.

Yet people seeking asylum are determined to rebuild their lives in safety and must be given the opportunities to do so.

Unfair and inhumane Government policies are keeping people locked out of society, living in limbo and left without support for years and even decades.

Without income support or the right to work. Unable to provide food and reliable housing for their families. Having their access to free healthcare taken away without explanation.

People seeking asylum are being denied their basic human rights.

The essential work of the ASRC never stops. Your donation will help to change our services with the establishment of our Rapid Response Team that will mean far more people can get help with food, housing, basic needs and medical care without having to wait.

Your support today provides a chance for change.

We are running behind our Winter Appeal target, we still need to raise $1.3M by the end of June to help refugees and people seeking asylum.