Our Board

The ASRC Board is the governing arm of the ASRC Association. Its primary responsibilities are the governance and sustainability of the ASRC as well as strategic, fiduciary and monitoring functions that include:

  • Ensuring that the ASRC remains a viable and effective organisation, and to secure its long-term future.
  • Providing leadership in, and remaining focused upon, the development of the ASRC’s organisational purpose, strategic direction and priorities.
  • Monitoring and ensuring that the aims, goals and objectives as articulated in the Strategic Plan are aligned with the organisational purpose, strategic direction and priorities of the Centre and that they are met.
  • Monitoring performance in relation to operational management, and ensuring that it is effective and accountable in all aspects, including financial accountability, legal compliance, and industrial relations requirements.
  • Ensuring systems and processes in place to enable consultation and information exchange between asylum seekers, staff, and the board.
  • Approving and monitoring Board level policies.

You can contact the Board for governance and Association matters by emailing board@asrc.org.au.

Members of the Board