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Mental health and housing

Response and Support Program

The Response and Support Team (RST) is a drop-in service to provide people seeking asylum and refugees with access to the information and support they need. Whether this service is accessed via phone or in-person, the RST Welcome Team will take time to help clients with inquiries on the spot or connect them with the right support. The client may be introduced to a Specialist who can provide more information and support on employment, education, food and aid, financial, housing, health, legal, and general needs. Depending on circumstances, they may link clients with an ASRC service or with an external service who can help. The RST responds to every inquiry, supporting those with the most urgent needs first.



Seeking asylum in Australia can be an extremely prolonged, complex and stressful process. People seeking asylum are often already vulnerable, unable to safely return home, are isolated from family and friends and many times have no access to any kind of safety net or support. Many of our clients and service users face an uncertain future while also facing many other issues, such as severe destitution, food insecurity, a range of health issues and homelessness.

Our casework program helps people navigate through this, supporting them to survive and endure the refugee determination process. Our team provides individual support to hundreds of people each year, helping them to access specialist services both within the ASRC and through external partners and service providers. Our caseworkers partner with clients to build resilience so they can advocate for themselves, stay safe and well as well as understand their rights and responsibilities as they go through this process.

housing support

Homelessness Support

Homlesslessness and housing insecurity is an enormous issue for all people facing disadvantage in the Australian community. For people seeking asylum, this problem is often at the chronic end of the spectrum. Social Housing is not available to people on insecure visas and residential status and landlords and agents will often not consider people seeking asylum for rentals which can lead to exploitation in the housing market. Our team works with people to access housing and can provide short term support for people who are at imminent risk of homelessness and crisis accomodation for people who are sleeping rough. People who are supported by ASRC Homlessness are supported to access the ASRC employment services and support so they are able to live independently and sustainably as they navigate the refugee determination process.

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