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Right now, as the conflict in Afghanistan escalates, thousands of individuals and families are fearing for their safety. People fleeing the Taliban urgently need safe passage to Australia. 

You can make a difference by putting pressure on the Australian government to adopt an emergency humanitarian intake plan for people at risk from the Taliban. 

Join us in calling on the Government to ACT NOW to provide safe passage to those fleeing the Taliban. Read the open letter to the PM and add your name today.

The ASRC is looking for the next generation of leaders with lived experience of seeking asylum to take part in the Community, Advocacy and Power Program 2021. Get equipped with the leadership skills necessary to become a powerful advocate for the refugee community.

The Morrison Government is threatening to target and shut down charities like the ASRC that speak out on behalf of the communities we serve and represent.

There are still 240 people held against their will in Papua New Guinea and Nauru and more than 100 in detention faciliites in Australia despite being brought here for urgent medical treatment.

After 8 long years of toxic politics, it’s time the Government frees these individuals and families, and quickly resettles them into our community, so they can be safe and have a permanent home in which to rebuild their lives.

RightTrack is a community-led grassroots movement of people focused on refugee justice. We are having powerful conversations and taking local action to shift community attitudes for people seeking asylum.

Breakthrough Conversations is a groundbreaking new project that trains people with research-based messaging principles and proven conversational tools on how to change the hearts and minds of people who are conflicted about asylum policy.

A digital space that puts lived experience front and centre. Articles, art and multimedia produced wholly by people from refugee backgrounds. 

Celebrate our voice for freedom!

Paid Internship: Advocacy and Campaigns

The ASRC is looking for the next generation of campaigners, organisers and leaders with lived experience of seeking asylum to take part in the Paid Internship: Advocacy and Campaigns 2021.