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Footscray Centre:

Our Footscray centre has returned to regular operating hours (10am – 5pm, Monday – Friday).
It is essential to call ahead and book an appointment before visiting. Please call 03 9326 6066

Making an appointment:

It is essential to call ahead to make an appointment before visiting the centre. Due to a very high number of people calling, it may take some time to get through to our ASRC Reception. Please keep trying. 

If you are still not getting through, stop and try calling again later. It might be best to call at 10 am when reception first opens, or later in the day. 

You can also email 
If you are not an existing member, we can still help you. Please call us 03 9326 6066.

Refugee Resource Centre in Dandenong:

If you are in the Dandenong area and need support, please visit The Refugee Resource Hub in Dandenong can help with referrals for material aid, healthcare, legal aid, foodbank support, education and employment services.

Email the RRH at or call 03 8772 1380.

ASRC services operating to support you

If you need our support, we are here to help you. Follow the indications below to contact our programs and services.

The ASRC Foodbank supports people seeking asylum and refugees to access food and essential items in Melbourne. This includes culturally appropriate, nutritious food and basic grocery items.

Please call 03 9326 6066 to book an appointment. The ASRC Foodbank is open Monday to Friday 11:00am – 12:30pm and 1:15pm – 3:30pm.

We support people seeking asylum and refugees to fulfil their basic needs. This includes material and financial aid, information, advice, referral to services related to the basic survival needs. 

Please call 03 9326 6066 between 11am – 3pm, Monday to Friday and we can help you. You will need to book an appointment before your visit.


We provide health services for people seeking asylum, and prioritise people without access to Medicare. Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for in-person appointments between 10:30am and 4:00pm.

If you have any enquiries or to book an appointment with the ASRC Health Clinic call (03) 9274 9898 or email

The ASRC Homelessness and Basic Needs Response Team are available to support you if you are experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness.

If you need help, please call 03 9326 6066 between 11am – 3pm, Monday to Friday. If your need is urgent and the ASRC is closed, you can call the Victorian statewide crisis accommodation support directory on 1800 825 955.

ASRC community meals

Community Meals

We welcome members into the centre for hot meals, however this service is currently suspended due to COVID-19. For now, we are providing takeaway meals for collection from the Footscray centre. 

Please call 03 9326 6066 if you have any questions.

The ASRC Material Aid program supports people seeking asylum and refugees to access nappies, Myki support and essential household, baby, and clothing items in Melbourne. 

Please call (03) 9326 6066 and we can help you

We offer free legal advice and assistance to people seeking asylum who cannot afford a private lawyer and have no access to government-funded legal services. 

If you are a new client, please contact us by phone on 03 9236 6066 or in person at Footscray between 10am and 12.30pm, Monday to Friday. If you are an existing legal client, call our duty line on 03 9274 9889 on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday between 10:30am – 12.45pm and 1:45pm – 4:00pm, or email

The ASRC offers employment support for people seeking asylum and refugees, including guidance on potential employment pathways in Australia.

Please call 03 9326 6066 or email us at and we can help you. You will need to book an appointment before your visit.

The ASRC Education Program offers in-house and Zoom English classes as well as advice and referrals for education and training opportunities around Victoria. 

If you would like education and training advice please call the team on 03 9274 9834 or 03 9274 9807 on Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm to book an appointment.

Detention Rights Advocacy Program (DRAP)

The DRAP team is available to support our offshore and onshore detention clients. 

Please WhatsApp us on the DRAP phone – (+61) 04 2667 9247 for one of our caseworkers to contact you during business hours.

Detention Case Worker


If you need information and referrals to any ASRC service, or a referral to other organisations that help people seeking asylum, please call 03 9326 6066 between 11am – 3pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Please do not come to the centre unless you have phoned first to make an appointment.

Other enquiries

If you have a general enquiry, not sure who to contact or require an interpreter, please call the ASRC Reception desk on 03 9326 6066 between 10am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.

You can also email and a member of our Reception team will pass your message to the right person or ASRC program to get you help.