The government is changing and cutting access to lifesaving support services that people waiting in asylum application process depend on.

Support Services include income support, mental health care and torture and trauma counselling.

Changes mean that more and more people are coming to our doors because they cannot make ends meet.

Nationally, 16,000 people, including families with children, are at risk of losing support services and being completely dependent on charity, facing homelessness and destitution.

These people have made a home in our communities and deserve basic support.

Having a home is having support to meet basic needs.

Let’s show our government that we want people seeking asylum to be supported, not driven into another humanitarian crisis right here in Australia.

Together  we can make sure the Government maintains life saving support services for 16,000 people.

Remember when we called PM Malcolm Turnbull last year for the men on Manus?

This year, let’s invite the PM over for a chat