• ‘Follow your Tongue’ by Niro

    ‘Follow your Tongue’ by Niro

    “You can use my recipes but you won’t be able to make my dishes the same as me. You are cooking unique to you. So you just have to follow your tongue.” Back home, I wasn’t really involved in cooking. But after I came to Australia, I was locked up for six years. 24 hours

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  • ‘Cooking with love’ by Aheda

    ‘Cooking with love’ by Aheda

    “I have two secrets for cooking. The first, is not my secret but my country’s secret: ‘cook with your hands’. The second secret is love. You need to put some love in your cooking!” _ “I‘ve been cooking my whole life. In Palestine I was a chef and I ran a catering business. All my

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  • The ASRC’s Preventing Homelessness Fund (for people released from detention)

    The ASRC’s Preventing Homelessness Fund (for people released from detention)

    The recent release of more than 60 people transferred from Manus and Nauru for medical treatment from detention facilities in Australia into the community has been an important step in the right direction, however, the support provided to these men and women (and those released in the future) is only short-term and will soon end.

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  • Feast for Freedom 2021:  26th – 28th March

    Feast for Freedom 2021: 26th – 28th March

    Food is something that has the power to bring people together – and that’s the real power of Feast for Freedom too. At its core, Feast is a coming together of community to celebrate the food, culture and stories of refugees who have sought safety in Australia while helping to raise funds that support people

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  • Australia Day

    Australia Day

    As one of  Australia’s largest human rights organisation, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) has and always will, stand for an inclusive and just Australia for all.  We recognise that for First Nations People, the 26th of January is a day of sorrow, not celebration, as it marks the beginning of the dispossession of Aboriginal

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