Faisal Magan was born in Somalia but sought safety in an Eritrea refugee camp where he lived for most of his young life until coming to Australia 2013.

At the end of 2013, he arrived with his family in Brisbane. At that time, he could not speak any English. He had only completed grade 10 in Eritrea. Two weeks after his arrival he enrolled in classes to study English.

After a year, in 2015, Faisal enrolled in a tertiary preparation program at the University of Queensland College to pursue Public health. After graduating, Faisal was accepted into the University of Queensland Bachelor of Health Science degree program majoring in public health. Faisal expects to finish this degree in July 2019.

Faisal chose the degree because he always wanted to study health and help people from different walks of life particularly refugees and indigenous Australians. In addition to his current studies, he is undertaking the Advocacy Power Program course in which he is specialising in refugee health, particularly mental health. After his degree Faisal is planning to enrol in a Master of Public Health (healthy policy). Faisal has also worked at the Queensland Refugee Health Department helping people seeking asylum in the community.