Flor is a seasoned professional with over 7 years of dedicated service at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), where she holds the position of Director of Refugee Business. With a strong foundation in both corporate and non-profit sectors, she brings a wealth of global experience to her role. Flor’s passion for humanitarian work is evident in her strategic management of social enterprises, where she focuses on social impact and empowerment to facilitate the successful integration of people seeking asylum and refugees to the community.

Her leadership within the ASRC’s Social Enterprises is marked by an innovative approach that highlights the potential of each individual she works with. Flor’s strategic mindset and deep understanding of social enterprises make her a key player in driving positive change. 

Flor’s commitment to her cause is unwavering, evident in her efforts to forge partnerships, advocate for policy changes, and utilise her business acumen to enhance social impact. Her legacy is characterised by resilience, empathy, and determination, impacting the lives of individuals and the broader humanitarian landscape. As a visionary leader, Flor inspires others to join her in creating a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone.