• That’s the result of this election

    That’s the result of this election

    A letter from Kon: We’re stronger than fear. If I had to sum up what this election result tells us in one sentence, that’s it. That’s the tweet. We are stronger than fear. Right now, it looks like the Labor Party will form a minority government. This is a victory for people seeking asylum and

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  • We’re on a transformational journey

    We’re on a transformational journey

    The resilience of our communities has been astounding during this pandemic. People have been in a daily survival mode – somehow finding a way through challenging times with very little safety nets like Medicare and this speaks to their courage, despite no help from the government. Over the past two years and right now, we’ve

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  • ‘Cooking for connection’ with Mahshid

    ‘Cooking for connection’ with Mahshid

    Mahshid is a powerhouse of Persian cooking, sharing Iranian hospitality and cuisine with the community. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to an Iranian house for dinner, she recommends you don’t eat for a few days prior. Mahshid is Iranian, and came to Australia by boat in 2013. Like so many others in her

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  • ‘Learning and sharing food’ with Manel

    ‘Learning and sharing food’ with Manel

    Being able to cook and share her traditional Malaysian-Indian cuisine with others brings Manel a particular joy that is incomparable. When she was 10 years old, her mother taught her to cook. Since then she has developed extensive knowledge on Malaysian-Indian flavours and spices. Now, Manel’s son is her world and because he loves to

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  • Coming in hot – Feast for Freedom

    Coming in hot – Feast for Freedom

    Good food has the power to bring people together as one family, one community, and one people – that’s the power of Feast for Freedom. Feast for Freedom is a celebration of the community coming together to unite – in support of refugees and people seeking asylum. It’s also a celebration of incredible food, diverse

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