Employment Pathways

People experience the greatest sense of empowerment when they are actively involved in meaningful work and possess the necessary skills and resources to accomplish their objectives.

However, for those seeking asylum, numerous obstacles often hinder their ability to secure employment. Among these challenges, understanding the intricacies of the Australian job market and integrating into it are paramount.

At our centres in Footscray and Dandenong, we annually assist hundreds of individuals by assessing their adaptable skills and past experiences, charting out potential career pathways, and providing comprehensive training and guidance on effective job search techniques.
Through our program, people seeking asylum are paired with volunteer career coaches who mentor them in job readiness, applications for suitable positions, and overcoming any employment barriers they may encounter, utilising a diverse range of tools and support resources. On average, we work with 400 clients each year.

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If you are a TPV/SHEV/ROS holder, you can access Jobs Victoria Employment Services. More information HERE.

Employer Partnerships

We actively collaborate with numerous employers annually, fostering both long-term relationships and new connections. Our impact is substantial, assisting individuals to gain meaningful employment to become independent members of society.
Our approach involves close collaboration with employers, understanding their specific needs, and matching individual job seekers accordingly. We also provide crucial information about the rights and conditions of employing those on visas and emphasise the benefits of workplace diversity.
We can provide tailored training on authentic diversity and inclusion for organisations through a tailored mentoring program, supporting the economic participation of people seeking asylum and refugees in Victoria.

For the ASRC and our employer partners, diversity and inclusion are forms of practical social justice benefitting participants and fostering a highly skilled and adaptive workforce.
An adaptive and empathetic workforce will, in turn, ensure people with a lived experience of seeking asylum and of other structural and systemic barriers are ‘winning job opportunities’ which will contribute to overall social cohesion and organisational success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our services for employers include recruitment, and onboarding support as well as training for both our candidates and employers, which can include ongoing confirmation of our candidates’ work rights. We have a depth of experience and knowledge in assisting Employers with the interpretation of the wide range of temporary/bridging visas that people seeking asylum hold.

Our Employment Program members range from professional, skilled, and unskilled workers. All of our candidates have full work rights. They have undertaken training in Australian workplace culture and employer expectations, and have been screened for their job readiness, skills, and availability.

Our services are offered free of charge. Our funding model allows us to match the right candidate to the right job with the right employer. We DO NOT collect placement fees from an employer or either the state or federal government. We report to our Funders on successful and sustainable employment outcomes every quarter.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested in learning more. Whether you’re seeking additional information about our Mentoring programs, exploring potential partnerships, or simply curious about what we do, we welcome the opportunity to connect with you. Drop us a message, and let’s start a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.