Primary school student

Taj Lingam is an eleven year old grade 5 student from Alphington Primary School in Melbourne. He is passionate about his sports, is a budding musician and has a real awareness of human rights issues.

Taj recognises what a fortunate life he has and feels it is only fair that he should support others to have the same opportunities and rights.

“We have a good life in Australia but Asylum Seekers are forced to leave their homes and start a new life.

I believe that asylum seekers should have the same rights and opportunities as we do and I think they have a lot to offer to Australia.

One of the best things I like about doing my fundraising projects is that it is heaps of fun and my friends join in too.

I am really excited and proud that the ASRC have asked me to be an ambassador.

It feels great to be able to make a difference and I hope I can inspire lots of other young people to support the ASRC by running events and collections.