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Ever had a frustrating conversation about refugees or asylum policy with a friend or family?

Breakthrough Conversation is a groundbreaking new project that trains people with research-based messaging principles and proven conversational tools on how to change the hearts and minds of people who are conflicted about asylum policy. We know that for us to win fairer policy we can’t just be talking in our echo chamber. We need to be convincing people like Auntie Margaret who are conflicted or your family friend Henry who doesn’t know much about the issue.

We know from other social movements that one-on-one values-based conversations are the most effective way to change people’s minds and shift broader community attitudes. This is why we aim to train thousands of people to have effective conversations with people in their lives who are conflicted on asylum issues to support fairer asylum policies.

ASRC is proud to be a key movement partner of the Breakthrough Conversation project that aims to achieve this on a massive scale through activating networks of ally organisations, workplaces, local community groups, high school groups, university groups, and congregations of faith communities. In the next few years we want to train thousands of people across Australia to be having thousands of Breakthrough conversations, which is why every conversation counts and your conversations are crucial to creating a fairer future for people seeking asylum, one where they can finally live in safety.

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