As part of the diverse movement standing with people seeking asylum, we have been shocked that the Turnbull Government has again changed the rules for people who came by sea, forcing thousands of people to lodge their applications by 1 October 2017.


Sign our petition to Peter Dutton and Malcolm Turnbull to stop this cruel attack on people seeking asylum in Australia.


We see almost 50 people in our clinics each week, including vulnerable families and people who have been tortured, who are unable to lodge their applications without legal assistance. The Government has forced thousands of people to wait over 3 years to apply and, at the first opportunity they are seeking our assistance.


With our friends at GetUp and other sector partners, we will deliver the petition in Canberra. Your action is powerful. Please sign today.



Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton –

Stop this cruel attack on people seeking asylum in Australia.

Many of these individuals and families have been in Australia for years. They work with us, play sport with us, and go to school with us. Some of these children were even born here.

These people deserve safety, support, and fair process.

You must revoke the dangerous 1 October deadline, and instead provide people with the time and support needed to make this process fair.