Crowd at Melbourne's Federation Square - RightTrack Refugee Justice

Getting on the #RightTrack is up to all of us!

RightTrack is a community-led grassroots movement of people focused on refugee justice. We are having powerful conversations and taking local action to shift community attitudes and advocate for safety, fairness and freedom for people seeking asylum.

Under the RightTrack banner, a wide range of community action groups and organisations work together in partnership to organise the community into a powerful movement for change. They are resourced and powered by ASRC

RightTrack involves three key strategies:

    1. Support Community Action Groups self-organise to take action and engage their community and Local Member of Parliament. Their actions can vary from having a market stall, public forum, letter writing workshop to meeting their MP.
    2. Mobilise supporters to ensure our politicians hear a loud and clear message for safety, fairness and freedom for people seeking asylum.
    3. People having personal, powerful, values-based conversations with friends, family, the community, called Breakthrough Conversations, about fair and compassionate asylum policy. These conversations are based on research-driven approaches and tools that are effective in changing attitudes; and

Getting on the RightTrack means working alongside people seeking asylum and diverse communities from all sides of politics to frame a conversation where our values guide the way we treat each other.

Getting on the RightTrack is up to all of us! Join your local Community Action Group in the Right Track movement  [hyperlink to the working group page] or get in touch: 

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