Three participants in the ASRC Lived Experience Evaluators Project (LEEP)

Lived Experience Evaluators Project (LEEP)

Many ASRC members have professional backgrounds and want to resume their professional careers in Australia. However, without local experience and networks, this can be very difficult.  Through LEEP, ASRC created and tested a pilot project intended to address these barriers. LEEP is now exploring opportunities to build on this experience to continue to support ASRC members in re-launching their professional careers. 


LEEP Pilot 

The LEEP pilot sought to address barriers to professional employment by providing paid internships for people with experience of seeking asylum to develop skills in program evaluation. This pilot project ran for six months, from March to August 2019.  It was delivered in partnership with Career Seekers and supported by practitioners and organizations from across the evaluation sector.

LEEP interns received training in evaluation principles and methods, then put their knowledge into practice by evaluating an ASRC program. Professional mentors from the evaluation sector support the interns throughout. Through our partnership with Career Seekers, interns also learned how to succeed in Australian professional workplaces.


Career pathways for people with evaluation skills include:

  • Working as an independent consultant, or in a consultancy team.
  • Working as an evaluation specialist within an organisation.
  • Working as a project manager in community, government or corporate roles.


Next Steps

LEEP is currently working with our partners and supporters to explore ways to expand opportunities for ASRC members to return to professional careers.  This includes seeking additional funding as well as partners to provide professional placements and mentors. 


Partners & supporters

LEEP is delivered in partnership with:

Many others have supported LEEP in various ways and we are grateful for their support.

The pilot was funded by:

  • Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • RE Ross Trust
  • Clear Horizon

We also received funding through Business Victoria’s Boost Your Business program, and generous fundraising by Nicholas Gruen.