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    • 01 NOV 17

    Medical crisis on Nauru should result in evacuation to Australia for treatment

    The media spotlight on Australian bureaucrats overruling the decisions of medical doctors is shocking. Yesterday’s accounts exposed by Buzzfeed and ABC 7:30 report are from the most senior medical doctor on Nauru and clearly show that the abuse of people in need of medical treatment is happening with impunity and indifference by our own government’sRead more
    • 25 OCT 17

    The humanitarian crisis of 603,000 Rohingya refugees

    Photo by Dan Kitwood The Rohingya people are been forced out of their home country of Myanmar in a ruthless ‘ethnic cleansing’ campaign by the state’s army. The Muslim-minority ethnic group has for decades been denied citizenship and access to government services as well as other forms of socio-political and economic discrimination in the BuddhistRead more
    • 24 OCT 17

    Kon Karapanagiotidis delivers key note address to ACOSS Conference

    Founder and CEO of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), Kon Karapanagiotidis delivered the opening key note address to this year’s Australian Council Of Social Services (ACOSS) National Conference: ‘Australia in 2030: creating the future we want’, held 24-25 October in Melbourne. ACOSS is the peak body for community service organisations in Australia and a

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    • 20 OCT 17

    People applying for asylum in Australia have lost the freedom to own a pet

      The Turnbull government has forced vulnerable people seeking asylum in Australia into poverty by denying many the right to work, barred people from studying and then put them at risk of homelessness by cutting income support and access to health care. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has now issued a notice to

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    • 11 OCT 17

    Free Voices: we can break them or save them

    An account of #BringThemHere rally 8 October 2017 Hundreds matched in solidarity on the streets of Melbourne on Sunday. Amongst them, one message echoed beyond the posters and banners they carried. That message was on their faces and in their voices and it was very clear. We can do something to break or save the

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    • 11 OCT 17

    Turnbull government admits PNG unsafe, offers transfer to Nauru for Manus refugees.

    A document placed in the Oscar Compound of Manus Island Regional Processing Centre tonight shows that over 700 men who have been assessed as refugees remaining on Manus Island are being offered a transfer to Nauru, due to risk of violence in PNG’s Lorengau. Three people have died on Nauru since being transferred there with the commencement ofRead more