Our values

Our values

The human rights of people seeking asylum and refugees are at the foundation of all we do and the workforce makes it happen, doing the work to bring the vision and purpose to life. Our Values are the foundation of the ASRC’s identity, the core of our organisational culture, and what guides all decision-making.


  • We are intentionally inclusive and seek out opportunities for diversity of thought and experience
  • We celebrate our differences and work cohesively, acknowledging our diversity is what make us stronger
  • We commit to equal representation so that all people are heard, seen and valued 
  • We create the space for all people to feel safe and welcome
  • We seek out, listen and act on the voices of people with lived experience


  • Justice, freedom, fairness and human rights are at the centre of how we work
  • We do the right thing. We are accountable and do what we say we will do.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards and take responsibility for our actions 
  • We report back and share information 
  • We encourage openness, honesty and transparency
  • We assume the best intentions when holding people to account


  • We are tenacious, passionate and resolute in our work
  • We are bravely optimistic and look for solutions when faced with challenges
  • We always stand against discrimination and racism
  • We act without fear or favor
  • We are non-partisan: independent from external influence
  • We challenge the status quo to realise our vision and purpose


  • We work alongside people with lived experience as one team to achieve our common purpose
  • We partner with stakeholders to leverage expertise and difference
  • We are adaptable, inclusive and innovative in our approach
  • We create spaces for discussion, input and feedback; proactively finding opportunities to break down silos and work together
  • We are part of a movement and make space for others, sharing our knowledge and being stronger together