Our values

Our values

Our values are the foundation of the ASRC’s identity, the core of our organisational culture, and what guides all decision-making. We have mapped the following values as being the principal beliefs and behaviours that our staff and volunteers embody which supports our vision and reflect all that we do.


  • We act without fear or favour
  • We don’t compromise our principles and integrity
  • We do what is in the best interests of people seeking asylum at all times

Human rights

  • We protect and advance the rights of people seeking asylum
  • We work from a human rights framework
  • We speak up against injustice


  • We work with not for people seeking asylum
  • We see, value and empower the whole person
  • We see our community as resilient and resourceful with the ability to fulfill its potential


  • We are responsive and adaptable to an ever changing environment
  • We do great things with very little
  • We learn, grow and strive for continuous improvement
  • We tackle seemingly intractable problems with courage and imagination


  • We are honest, open and fair
  • We live our values; we take responsibility for our actions
  • We are accountable, ethical and professional


  • We see the person not just a person seeking asylum
  • We see the potential within the context of each individual
  • We collaborate to create meaningful impact; great things are achieved together

One Team

  • We leverage the strengths, knowledge and wisdom of our community
  • We work as one team, we share our challenges and celebrate our successes together
  • We will win the fight by working as a team