Partnerships are vital to the work the ASRC does

Provide a tangible impact on the lives of people seeking asylum
in Australia

Power a brighter future for refugees and people seeking asylum

Our corporate partners play an integral role in enabling the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre to provide support. Partnering with the ASRC offers your business the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of over 7,000 individuals annually, contributing to positive change for issues faced by people seeking asylum. By collaborating with us, your company aligns itself with the largest independent human rights organisation for refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia.

Partnerships power big impact

In the 2023 FY, our corporate partners generously contributed to the following:

Corporate volunteering with the ASRC

Engaging in corporate volunteering enables your organisation to support the ASRC while actively contributing to the community.

We extend an invitation to our partners to join us at one of our centers in Footscray or Dandenong for a half day of immersive learning about the ASRC.

This experience fosters team building and also provides an opportunity for your valued assistance, greatly appreciated by the ASRC.

Workplace giving

Maximise your impact and make significant changes in the lives of people seeing asylum and refugees through a workplace giving program. The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s Workplace Giving initiative offers an easy way to make regular pre-tax donations directly from your pay, often matched by employers. There are plenty of benefits for both businesses and employees, making it a great way to impact change, right from the workplace.

What our partners are saying

Aesop Foundation is a proud partner of the ASRC

At the heart of the Aesop Foundation, we want to contribute to a fairer society for all. ASRC are leading the way to change the future for refugees in Australia. Our partnership extends beyond grant making and Aesop colleagues are giving their time and talent through volunteer initiatives, supporting ASRC’s development. By working with and advocating for refugees, and supporting training initiatives, ASRC is helping refugee leaders to ensure they are heard at the highest levels, and ultimately having a seat at the table where decisions about refugee rights are made.

Thank you to our current generous Corporate Partners

Other ways you can partner with the ASRC

Engage with the ASRC Catering services for corporate events, conferences, and special occasions.

You’ll be helping to provide real workplace experience and employment pathways for people seeking asylum.

ASRC Cleaning is a great way to take care of your business or office cleaning needs and help refugees and people seeking asylum find financial independence and regain a sense of purpose.


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