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The ASRC is committed to conducting effective law reform, research and advocacy within its areas of expertise, resources and budget and in the best interest of people seeking asylum. It aims to work with the wider community to assist in research projects which provide deeper understanding of the physical, mental and political well-being of people seeking asylum in Australia.

The ASRC receives a large volume of requests to take part in (or facilitate) research opportunities. Due to our limited resources we need to carefully evaluate the benefits of the research and the capacity of the ASRC. Most importantly, we need to consider the greatest needs of the people seeking asylum who we work with. To enable us to evaluate the impact of your research request, please complete the form below.

We will consider your proposal through a process of review which may take 4-6 weeks. We kindly ask for your patience in this matter as all research proposals are subject to the capacity of the ASRC’s resources.  

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