About the campaign

“It’s through the sharing of stories, through conversations, that we get to know each other.”

Fadak Alfayadh, refugee and Australian for 16 years.

Creating a more welcoming and supportive home for people seeking asylum.

Refugees and people seeking asylum are beside you in your community – they are your neighbours, business owners, teachers, lawyers, scientists, colleagues, young people, volunteers and friends.

But do we really know the story beside us?

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s (ASRC) ‘The Story Beside You’ Campaign shares positive stories of refugees and people seeking asylum and celebrates the diversity of the people beside us in our communities – on the tram, at work, at our community sporting club, in the line at the supermarket.

This campaign calls upon Australians to discover #TheStoryBesideYou and get to know the personal stories of refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia.

With 1 in 3 Australians being born overseas, our diversity is our defining strength and everyone, no matter their creed or background, should be made to feel welcome here and feel like they belong.

The ASRC believes that everyone has a unique story to share and a valuable contribution to make to Australia’s multicultural society. Together, with your voice, we urge people to stand in solidarity with those who came here in pursuit of their dreams, peace and basic human dignity.

It is our hope that these stories will inspire, delight and touch the hearts of anyone who takes the time to listen.

Get to know their stories.
Discover what unites us.
Stand up for a more welcoming Australia.

Because when we stand with refugees and people seeking asylum, we create a more welcoming and supportive home not only for our newest Australians, but for everyone.

Together, we can create an Australia we can all be proud to call home.

Make people seeking asylum feel welcome here, sign the pledge today.


An ASRC tram sharing their stories

An ASRC tram sharing the message of #TheStoryBesideYou campaign is travelling the streets of Melbourne.

As one of the recipients of the 2019 Yarra Trams Community Partnership Program, the ASRC has chosen to use this valuable brand exposure as a vehicle to share the stories of refugees and people seeking asylum and encourage Australians to sign the pledge .

Use tram tracker (enter tram number 3025) to locate the ASRC tram which will be travelling across Melbourne on routes 109 and 48 until mid December 2019.

Help us share their stories far and wide – snap a picture of the tram and share it on social media with the tag @ASRC1 including #TheStoryBesideYou #ASRC.

The Story Beside You, Yarra Trams
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