Vulnerable people seeking asylum are being cut off from a social safety net

Safety net cut off

A new report by the Australian Human Rights Commission calls on the Australian Government to make urgent changes to improve protections for approximately 30,000 refugees and asylum seekers, including families and children, who arrived in Australia by boat before 1 January 2014, living in the Australian community.

People have been waiting for a protection outcome in an unfair and  delayed asylum process for up to eight years. 

SRSS is lifesaving access to torture and trauma services, subsidised medication, casework and income support of 89% of Newstart or approximately $250 per week to cover rent and food for single adults.  

Not all people seeking asylum have access to SRSS – it was reserved for vulnerable people who are unable to meet basic living and healthcare needs. 

The Federal Government cut its budget for the SRSS safety net by 60% in two years, resulting in dramatically increased vulnerability requirements to remain eligible. Medical evidence is now needed to prove vulnerability. 

A crisis of hunger and homelessness

Many people do not have secure housing, health care or employment. Housing is the biggest risk for people being cut off support services. 

The ASRC has been inundated with requests for housing and our service capacities are stretched.

Families are currently increasingly at risk of homelessness and face complex and compounded food insecurity, homelessness and deteriorating mental and physical health. 

We provide Emergency Food Packs due to the ever increasing demand for food as a result of SRSS cuts.  

Children and young people are increasingly hungry as families are cut off the SRSS safetynet.

We are calling on the Morrison Government to restore SRSS safetynet to all people seeking asylum as they wait for their asylum application outcome.