Partner with us

Partner with us

Consumers want to support companies that are doing good things for our world. People look to business, not just charities or government, to lead social change and champion their values.

Partnering with the ASRC offers your business a chance to make a difference to the more than 4,600 people each year and be part of positive change for issues faced by people seeking asylum.

By working with us you will align your company with the largest independent human rights organisation for refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia.


Your organisation or business can sponsor services that support and empower people seeking asylum. Your support will ensure people feel valued, have the opportunity to live independently and ensure their human rights are upheld. As a corporate sponsor, we will keep you informed about the impact of your valuable contribution and offer ways for your team to be connected to the cause.


Pledge a percentage of your company’s sales or profit to support and empower people seeking asylum and refugees in the community.


The ASRC’s advocacy and fundraising campaigns promote welcome and justice for people seeking asylum. As a campaign partner, your organisation can add your voice to the movement and showcase your values of fairness, kindness and integrity. Our matched funding campaigns will give your organisation the opportunity to extend your reach to our supporters aligning yourself with a popular cause.


Champion your values by investing in the talents and potential of people seeking asylum. Your business can provide meaningful employment opportunities for skilled people seeking asylum. Our Employment Partnerships Program find the best candidates for your business while offering training and support.

Partnering with the ASRC enables your business to:

  • connect your brand with the values your customers hold dear
  • build a company culture of giving back
  • reach your corporate social responsibility goals
  • increase staff engagement
  • invest in a charity dedicated to empowering people

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