Our green mission

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre is becoming a green machine, with environmental projects reducing our impact on the planet and saving tens of thousands of dollars.

The ASRC Green Team, which was founded in 2014, has driven the changes, which include the installation of energy-efficient lighting, recycling improvements, and a push to install a solar system.

An audit of ASRC energy usage found that it was costing an average of $7500 a month. This led to the creation of the empowerment energy project.

Cherry Energy was secured as the project sponsor, to replace the 693 lights at the ASRC with LEDs, enabling the $13,000 cost saving to be re-distributed back into its life changing programs. Today, the ASRC community is enjoying a more brightly lit and energy-efficient building and is working on funding a 50.44kW solar system.

These initiatives are expected to save more than $21,000 a year, which will be redirected into programs which support people seeking asylum.

It will also reduce annual carbon emissions at the centre by 140 tonnes.

The Green Team have also pushed measures to reduce waste at the ASRC, including by installing compost bins and a terracycling centre.

The compost bins were installed in the Foodbank and community meals area and will save almost $1000 a year on waste removal costs while reducing landfill.

The terracycling station “upcycles” dental waste, including used toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes. The ASRC has been paid $35 for this waste and saved 10kg from landfill.

A corporate partnership has also allowed the centre to buy recycled toilet paper at cost price, and carbon-neutral paper is being used for printing and photocopying.

Some of the Green Team’s changes have been less obvious, but no less important.

Under the ethical engagement policy established last year, the ASRC committed to embodying its shared values and ethical standards internally, and refraining from partnering or accepting funding from individuals or organisations which do not share these values and standards.

This policy includes refraining from partnerships or funding from individuals or bodies that violate environmental laws or act or profit from activities that cause danger to public health, safety, or the environment.

The ASRC are hoping to find a corporate or philanthropic partner to fund a 50.44kW solar system that will save the Centre more than $21,000 each year. If you are interested in becoming a green partner, email Greer Allen, Key Relationships Manager at greer.a@asrc.org.au.

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