Medical crisis on Nauru should result in evacuation to Australia for treatment

The media spotlight on Australian bureaucrats overruling the decisions of medical doctors is shocking.

Yesterday’s accounts exposed by Buzzfeed and ABC 7:30 report are from the most senior medical doctor on Nauru and clearly show that the abuse of people in need of medical treatment is happening with impunity and indifference by our own government’s officials.

Dr Nick Martin was in the role of Senior Medical Officer on Nauru from November 2016 to August 2017.

Having worked in some of the toughest places in the world over 16 years as a doctor with the British Navy, he has been so shocked and traumatised by his time on Nauru that he has spoken out at great personal risk.

This is a highly ethical doctor living up to his professional obligations, and a brave Australian.

Even after several deaths on both Nauru and Manus as a result of lack of timely medical care, and several inquests, it is clear that the Australian government continues to brazenly place people’s lives at risk for political gain.

ASRC Detention Advocacy Manager Natasha Blucher said: ‘I deal daily with people’s complete despair at the inability to access treatment for conditions that in some cases are life threatening, and in other cases cause immense pain, fear and humiliation.’

‘The lack of urgent medical treatment, as well as being extremely dangerous to life and health, causes serious mental health deterioration and places people at risk of suicide due to chronic pain and lost hope,’ Natasha said.

‘This has gone on for too long away from the Australian community’s eyes. The government and the opposition cannot continue to ignore the humanitarian crisis unfolding in our offshore detention facilities.’

‘Everyone who needs treatment must be medically evacuated and brought to Australia now,’ Natasha said.

Call Julie Bishop MP and tell her that people seeking asylum on Manus and Nauru who need medical care, be brought here.

  • For more information call Marcella Brassett on 0411 026 142
  • For further comment or interview call Natasha Blucher on 0414 418 212
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