Nauru detainee Khan calls for medical evacuation to Australia

My name is Khan.

I have been on Nauru for 4 years.

Did you see the news this week? Journalists have exposed the cases of myself and my brothers and sisters detained on Nauru who are sick and can’t get the medical care we need.

I have a complex condition that causes me to lose consciousness regularly and I need tests that I cannot get on Nauru or PNG.

I have been waiting for over a year since I started having these symptoms.

I am feeling more and more hopeless as the days pass. We are all feeling very bad about our situation. There is nothing we can do to help ourselves.

We cannot wait like this for another day.

I know you have heard a lot about the situation on Manus and Nauru, there have been many stories about the danger and the suffering of people like me.

It’s been many years now for us on Nauru: many changes and many decisions but no real plan, no real help for us.

We need you to keep fighting for us.

Tell your leaders that Australians want everyone on Manus and Nauru brought to Australia where there is the medical care we need, safety and communities who care about us.

I know there are many Australians who want us to be safe. I have many Australian friends who support me, like everyone in your government’s detention.

We can and will stay alive; survive this place to become protected refugees, to start a new, healthy and safe life – what we have been searching for so many years, on such a long road.

We need this hope.

Thank you for caring about us, for feeling angry for us and most of all for fighting to change our situation.

I hope to find the treatment I need soon, and get well so I can meet my Australian friends one day.

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