Rohingyan refugee dies in road incident on Manus Island – Behrouz & ASRC statements

Behrouz Boochani’s statement

Sadly this morning a Rohingya refugee died in Manus. This man was around 40 years old and was suffering from sever physical illness for a long time. Two years ago immigration sent him to Australia to receive medical treatment but after a while they exiled him back to Manus again without any proper medication provided. All of the refugees knew him and were aware of his illness. He often used to collapse and fall on the ground but the immigration officers always ignored and never cared about him.

The refugees on Manus are deeply saddened and horrified by the news of another friend’s death. All of us knew him closely and we were aware of his illness the whole
time. He clearly needed urgent medical treatment. But the Australian immigration again chose to ignore his condition. His death is the seventh one on Manus since

Peter Dutton is responsible for his death. It was Australia that exiled him by force to Manus. It was Australia that put him in a prison for years and completely ignored his
illness. It’s time for an independent investigation on all the deaths on Manus, Nauru and Christmas Island. This needs to stop, urgently.

ASRC’s statement 

Rohingyan refugee known by the ASRC dies in road incident on Manus Island

A Rohingyan man know to the ASRC has died in an incident invoving a vechicle on a Manus Island road.

The man had serious phsyical and mental health conditions. The ASRC met him on a trip to Manus Island last year. He was detained on Manus for nearly five years.

Witnesses report seeing the man come out of a vehicle, hit the road and die from his injuries at the scene.

It is not know who else was in the vechicle.

The ASRC asks that the man’s identity not be disclosed to respect his family, who may yet not know.

Watch ASRC live press conference 

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