Luck of the draw

Melbourne film maker, Mohsen Moases, reminds us that where we’re born and where we grow up is nothing more than the luck of the draw. These are his words.

My name is Mohsen Moases.

I wrote this article to share this story with people who cares about children on Nauru Detention Centre.

One day, I was in a park and I was watching children. The children were happy and playing around and I was thinking life is just randomly happened to people. Some people are here in good environment, some child born in different country.

In fact, children do not choose their born place and this is adult choice to raise them and treat them as they want. Some children were born on Nauru.

We need to bring the children of Nauru and give them freedom and good education.

They open their eyes and just see the jail. The issue is their parents have political issue or something that not related to children. Why they deserve to be punished for their parent’s issues?

I feel we need to change this and give them a normal life like the other children here. I hope my audition feel the same for them. It could be you and me just open our eyes and see what they see in the detention, no hope, no future. They even call them by boat number and tag them as refugee or asylum seeker.

I received many nice comments for this video and most of them feel the same for these children. Australian people missed this fact that we cannot close our eyes to this issue. If we want to make a better world, we need some change. We need to do it together.

We cannot close our eyes and see our country involved in the most war in the word by sending the army to help their allies and blame the refugee instead. World need peace, need freedom, need children with good education.

I am telling this story because I believe that if we close our eyes for this issue, it will be bigger issue on future.

We need to bring the children of Nauru and give them freedom and good education. This is a big crime to keep the children in Detention and ruin their future.

Thanks for reading my story.

About the author

Mohsen Moases is an experimental filmmaker in Melbourne who believes cinema has more power than being used for commercial or entertainment purposes.

Follow his work.

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