Children on Nauru need medical care in Australia now, not by Christmas

This morning’s reports that the government is promising to remove all children off Nauru, by the end of year are welcome.

The ASRC is currently working with 20 children on Nauru that need urgent medical care.

Altogether, 38 children and their families still remain in offshore processing and the government has the power to transfer all of them to Australia for medical treatment immediately, if it had the will to do so.

What’s more, on Friday the Australian government will go to the Federal Court to delay urgent medical transfers of critically ill children to Australia, as it has been doing this entire time.

The ASRC is still concerned that a child will die on Nauru before Christmas, as the only thing that has changed with this government is words.

The ASRC urges the Morrison government to follow through on this morning’s promise – that it is getting children off Nauru – by dropping all legal opposition to medical transfers to Australia

And to transfer all 38 children and their families to Australia immediately for proper medical care to save lives.

Detention Advocacy Manager, Natasha Blucher said: “The news this morning does not change the work we have to do today with 20 children and their families on Nauru. They all need medical care urgently, not at the end of the year.”

“The government is still delaying and denying medical transfers for critically ill children as lawyers and legal intervention is still needed to get children to safety.”

“The government cannot say it is acting on this issue until all children are here in Australian hospitals receiving medical treatment,” Natasha Blucher said.

CEO, Kon Karapinagiotidis said: “This is precious news but the fight is far from over.”

“If the Prime Minister is promising to bring 38 children by Christmas, what’s actually stopping him from bringing all kids to Australia for critical medical care now? What is he waiting for?”

“Every day on Nauru is doing these kids damage,” Kon said.

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