A Statement on the Facebook Australian News Ban

The ASRC Instagram and Facebook were not affected by today’s Facebook Australian News Ban, unlike other emergency relief and service organisations vital to the community. We stand in solidarity with those impacted and hope their pages will be urgently restored.

ASRC supporters and members (people seeking asylum and refugees) can still access our information and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and our website.

However, our Facebook page is no longer able to share important news media stories on asylum policy, including media that amplifies the voices of people seeking asylum and refugees speaking about experiences of human rights abuses.

Our Facebook page is a powerful tool of advocacy and change-making for people who would otherwise be silenced and a way of keeping our community and the movement connected.

We hope the Federal Government can find a solution urgently.

To keep up to date with news, stories and campaigns on the impact of asylum policies on communities, please sign up to our email list at https://asrc.org.au/join/ and follow us on Twitter @ASRC1 https://twitter.com/ASRC1

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