We’re on a transformational journey

The resilience of our communities has been astounding during this pandemic. People have been in a daily survival mode – somehow finding a way through challenging times with very little safety nets like Medicare and this speaks to their courage, despite no help from the government.

Over the past two years and right now, we’ve seen demand for our services continue to increase – at one point, by more than 200%. This is compounded by a drastically reduced volunteer workforce and a way of delivering services that we want to evolve from as the scope of our work becomes larger and more complex.

We have seized the pandemic as an opportunity to improve our service model – we can be more effective, responsive, and accountable to the community we serve. At the ASRC we are always challenging ourselves to be even better, to never stop learning and never stop listening. We are evolving to respond to the ever-changing needs of our members.

That’s why we’re setting up a new Rapid Response Team, weaving our services together even more, and doing away with eligibility criteria for accessing the basic services we all need – housing, legal, food, healthcare, to make sure people get the help they need, fast.

Waiting even for one day, let alone weeks, to know if you’ll find safety, is unbearable. Nobody should have to live with that much uncertainty when we know that with the support of our caring community we can get to people much, much faster.

Your support provides a chance for change by helping to establish our Rapid Response Team so that more people can get on the spot access to the main needs that people have when they present at the ASRC.

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