ASRC supports the Yes campaign for Voice to Parliament

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) is proud to publicly announce our support for the YES campaign for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Our vision is that all Australians, First Nations people and those who have come here seeking asylum, can live safely, sustainably, independently and equally. We imagine a future where the cultures, histories and rights of First Nations people are recognised and valued by everyone in our community forming a proud part of our shared national identity. We are committed to promoting and supporting meaningful reconciliation actions that empower First Nations people.

Actively supporting the Yes campaign and Voice to Parliament is part of that commitment.

We support a referendum to change the constitution and this important first step in the journey to voice, treaty and truth. We will actively campaign with our community to support the YES campaign.

We signed onto the Uluru Statement from the Heart in April 2021 and our support for the YES campaign is a continuation of our commitment to the Uluru Statement.

The ASRC’s support is in line with our Reconciliation Action Plan and Purpose Statement. 
As a human rights organisation that speaks out against injustice for refugees and people seeking asylum, the ASRC joins the fight for justice with First Nations people.

As noted by the YES campaign, ‘By voting “Yes” in the referendum, we create a pathway for Indigenous Australians to speak directly to the government of the day about the things that work on the ground in their communities. This will mean fewer misdirected resources and real results for Indigenous Australians.’

Kon Karapanagiotidis, CEO Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

‘’As CEO of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre I stand in support of YES. In support of voice, treaty and truth. Voice is the first important step on the journey of reconciliation, healing and justice with First Nations communities. We need a treaty in this country and it can only be built and sustained on the pillars of voice and truth. We must act now, We must vote YES.’’

Read more about the ASRC Reflect – Reconciliation Action Plan


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