A Feast Building Bridges Through Latin American Flavours

Drawing connections between where we are now and the places and cultures that we originated from, is a longstanding Melbourne tradition. In a highly multicultural and diverse society, celebrating migrant stories has long been ingrained into the city’s culture, each wave of migration bringing its own flavours for the broader community to experience. 

Once again, Melbourne is being spoiled with something new, welcoming a fresh set of flavours to its food scene, the flavours of Central and South America. With a growing Latin community, exciting new cuisines are breathing life into the city’s restaurant business.  

In the heart of this emerging culinary scene is Reveka, a refugee from Venezuela who uses her food as a bridge to connect both cultures. 

Growing up in Venezuela, cooking was integral to Reveka’s family life. It was a chance to spend time together and help one another. The kitchen became a space where bonds were forged, memories created, and cultural traditions passed down through generations.

When her life took an unexpected turn in 2015, due to growing political turmoil in Venezuela, Reveka had to leave her home to find safety. As a student journalist, Reveka spoke out against the injustices she saw, ultimately making her a target. Reveka recalls one of her darkest memories during these days, “I remember my parents calling to tell me, ‘Please don’t come, it’s too dangerous’. That was the worst time of my life.”

Finding temporary refuge in Chile, Reveka later sought safety and a new beginning in Australia. Coming to a new country yet being miles apart from friends and family, Reveka used cooking to bring her two worlds together. Cooking became her way to reconnect to her roots and culture, an expression of love for both herself and those around her.

Now, in Melbourne, Reveka proudly represents Latin and Hispanic refugees through her culinary creations. As one of this year’s Feast for Freedom Hero Cooks, Reveka has created a menu that tells the story of her family. She invites hosts and guests to experience the diverse flavours of Latin America. Tostones, a popular coastal dish, represent one part of her family, while arepas, rooted in Indigenous and First Peoples’ history, carry the love from each generation they’re passed down from. Papelón, a refreshing drink, offers a taste of eternal Venezuelan summer. 

Reveka’s culinary journey is not just about sharing recipes; it’s a call to step out of the shadows, embrace a new home, and celebrate the rich tapestry of migrant and refugee experiences. Through her dishes, Reveka invites you to explore Latin American flavours and join in the collective joy of building a diverse, inclusive community.

So, as Reveka says, “Enjoy – buen provecho!” Taste the love, savour the stories, and let the flavours of Latin America weave a new narrative of unity and celebration in the hearts of your friends and family.

Sign up and host a Feast for Freedom and enjoy Reveka’s delicious Venezuelan Feast. 

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