Because of you we are here, keeping people safe this winter

For more than 19 years the ASRC has been a place of comfort, support and aid for people seeking asylum. For those with no rights to work in Australia and no access to Government safety nets like Centrelink and Medicare, we have always been there to provide assistance when they have had nowhere else to turn.  Every day we are here to support people who would otherwise go without the basics to survive – food, stable housing and access to medical support and healthcare. 

But right now we are seeing people who had been living and working independently in the community return to us in need of help after being stood down from their jobs or had their work hours drastically cut during this COVID-19 crisis. 

It’s why our frontline staff and volunteers are still experiencing a growing demand for our services. Hundreds more people are turning up for help each week. 

The ASRC is a lifeline for people when they have no way of supporting themselves and thanks to support from people like you, we’re here keeping our people safe by providing;



Our social workers are our first responders. They are the lifeline and bridge linking people seeking asylum to the services that they need. 

For many people seeking asylum who are often isolated, with no family, networks or community support systems our caseworkers are the listening ear and gentle guiding comfort through uncertainty. 

Right now, with so many people presenting to the ASRC for help our caseworkers are stretched. And with no Government support and the ongoing pandemic the needs of our clients are becoming more complex.

Emergency Housing

“People can’t isolate and protect themselves during this pandemic when they don’t have a roof over their heads.” – Sherrine Clark, Director Humanitarian Services

Our housing team is providing rental advocacy and aid for families and individuals who without help would be homeless. 

People who are homeless are at increased risk of getting COVID-19 and being unable to properly care for themselves if they become ill. 

We have prioritised our resources so that we can ensure that people are safe and able to isolate by providing emergency housing. Keeping hundreds of individuals and families safe each night. 

ASRC Foodbank emergency food parcels

“We are seeing people who haven’t eaten in days.”  – Skye Constantine, Housing Support Program Manager

Our Foodbank, usually set up like a community supermarket for families to have self agency with their weekly shop has had to change dramatically to keep people safe. 

To minimise contact we’re now providing people with emergency food packs. 

Giving food security while keeping people safe. Nutritious healthy and culturally inclusive

Since the pandemic began over 5,000 emergency food parcels have been given out at our Footscray centre and through our contactless home delivery service for our most vulnerable people. 

Healthcare and medication

Our health teams are working to provide healthcare to everyone who needs it. 

Because, keeping people safe and healthy is more critical now than ever before. 

Our pharmacy waiver program has ensured that 140 people have the life saving medication that they need. 

Since March our medical clinic has provided 608 medical appointments and administered immunisations to 240 people. 

We are now going out to the community providing immunisations and flu vaccinations for people over 60 years of age in their own homes

This is the difference that your support can make.

There will undoubtedly be more challenges ahead but one thing is for certain, we will be here today, tomorrow and everyday that people seeking asylum need us to be. 
Your tax deductible donation can help give people the support and guidance they need to rebuild their lives. 

Please give generously to our Winter Appeal so we can be there for everyone who needs help with the essentials to stay safe.

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