• ASRC Celebrates National Volunteer Week 2021

    ASRC Celebrates National Volunteer Week 2021

    This week is National Volunteer Week (May 17th to 23rd) – a week to pause, celebrate and recognise the valuable contribution made by those who dedicate their time to help others. For us, National Volunteer Week (NVW) 2021 is extra special as we head into our 20th year as an organisation and reflect on the

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  • COVID-19 One Year On

    COVID-19 One Year On

    It has been one year since COVID-19 began to take effect across our community. As Australia went into lockdown, components of the refugee experience – isolation and limits on freedom, an inadequate safety net and being left in limbo while separated from loved ones – suddenly became relatable for everyone. But people seeking asylum were

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  • An update on the end of the rent moratorium

    An update on the end of the rent moratorium

    Late last month the moratorium on rental evictions ended in Victoria and now hundreds of people seeking asylum are at risk of becoming homeless. The rental moratorium meant individuals and families were protected from being evicted if they fell behind in their rental payments during the pandemic because of a loss of income or work.

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  • ‘Follow your Tongue’ by Niro

    ‘Follow your Tongue’ by Niro

    “You can use my recipes but you won’t be able to make my dishes the same as me. You are cooking unique to you. So you just have to follow your tongue.” Back home, I wasn’t really involved in cooking. But after I came to Australia, I was locked up for six years. 24 hours

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  • ‘Cooking with love’ by Aheda

    ‘Cooking with love’ by Aheda

    “I have two secrets for cooking. The first, is not my secret but my country’s secret: ‘cook with your hands’. The second secret is love. You need to put some love in your cooking!” _ “I‘ve been cooking my whole life. In Palestine I was a chef and I ran a catering business. All my

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