606 men on Manus at breaking point

It’s day 3 on Manus Island and 606 men stand barricaded and fearful for their lives. On 31 October our government abandoned the detention centre and cut off water, food, security, power and medication.

But the men are stranded because the three sites our government has offered are unfinished and unsafe. There are frequent attacks on Manus. Not even the PNG police commissioner can guarantee their safety.

These men have already suffered at the hands of our government for over four years, despite most having been found to be refugees.

Six people have died at this facility during this time.

If we don’t act now, these men will endure starvation, health failures or worse.

What is the ASRC doing?

Our campaigns team is leading a large scale community movement to put political pressure on the Australian government to evacuate the men on Manus to Australia for medical treatment and to await resettlement in safety and security.

Our detention advocacy team have been working the phones – day and night – providing casework and support.

We are working with local agencies on the ground, investigating ways to get food and water to the men immediately.

What you can do

1. Your donation supports our efforts with local agencies to get food and water to men on Manus, build community movements that drive policy change for people seeking asylum and refugees and advocate for people in detention, ensuring their cases are supported by legal and health experts – donate now.

2. Thousands of Australians have called and emailed their federal members of Parliament and the Prime Minister. Call and keep the pressure up to evacuate the men to Australia – take action now.

We can stop this crisis worsening – but we need to act now.

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