Be A Force for Change with Refugees at the World Refugee Day Telethon

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15 June 2023

The ASRC [Asylum Seeker Resource Centre] is calling on the community to show their support for refugees and people seeking asylum with a donation to the 8th annual World Refugee Day Telethon, powered by the ASRC, Tuesday 20th June 2023. 

The World Refugee Day Telethon is a chance for the community to join refugees and people seeking asylum in recognising their strength and resilience in their journey to safety and rebuilding their lives here. 

All across Australia, people have the opportunity to take action alongside refugees by helping raise funds for the ASRC which will support people seeking asylum by providing them with food, shelter, healthcare and empowerment services.  

It is also a day to amplify the voices of those who have sought asylum and inspire people to be a force for change to help create a fairer and more welcoming Australia for refugees.

In 2023, two young human rights activists, Sajida, and Fatima, lend their voices to carry the World Refugee Day message, championing a more welcoming and fair Australia where they have found the freedom to be themselves and grow as valued members of the community. All two are alumni of the ASRC Community, Advocacy and Power Program, which trained them to become the next generation of leaders amongst the refugee community.

The ASRC is Australia’s largest independent human rights organisation providing support to more than 7,000 people seeking asylum each year, and the World Refugee Day Telethon is the not-for-profit’s largest annual fundraising event, providing hope and support to people seeking asylum and refugees. 

Last year, the ASRC raised $1.69 million in one day to help provide people with the basic services they need to rebuild their lives in the community. 

The World Refugee Day Telethon is a live fundraising appeal held from 6am until 10pm at the ASRC’s ‘Home of Hope’ in Footscray, Melbourne. The live-action on the day is streamed via the three main social media platforms where the ASRC has a significant presence: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and the ASRC team will be joined by Australia’s favourite celebrities, media personalities plus supporters and partners as they unite to raise $1.2 million together to help fund the ASRC’s most important services and critical advocacy work. 

The ASRC, which recently reached its 22nd anniversary, continues to be an essential service provider for people seeking asylum and refugees, especially for those who are not eligible for government safety nets like Centrelink and Medicare. 

To this day, the ASRC remains independent and does not accept Federal Government funding, relying only on the generosity of the public to meet the critical and increasing needs of people seeking asylum. Supporting the ASRC with a donation to the World Refugee Day Telethon ensures it can maintain its fearless independence to advocate for the rights of refugees and create lasting social change. 

Telethon supporters and partners: 

The ASRC is excited to announce some of the names of the ambassadors and partners supporting again this year the World Refugee Day Telethon. Julian Burnside AO QC,  Tamie Fraser, Melissa Leong, Tim Minchin, Ella Hooper, Benjamin Law, Diana Nguyen, Ben Brown, Clare Bowditch, Paul Dempsey, Danny McGinlay, Marieke Hardy, Tom Ballard and more. 

And partners such as Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Tenet Recruitment and the Da Gama Pinto Foundation, will be powering the event by doubling donations at key hours throughout the day. 

About the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) 

The ASRC’s programs support and empower people seeking asylum and refugees to maximise their own physical, mental and social well-being, while other initiatives champion the rights of refugees and unite communities to create lasting social and policy change. The ASRC is proudly supported by a community of committed volunteers and supporters. 

The ASRC is proud to support and empower 7,000 people seeking asylum each year thanks in part to the funds raised from their biggest annual fundraising event – the World Refugee Day ASRC Telethon (20th June). 

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Official Hashtag: #ASRCTelethon 

Together with refugees, be a force for change. Support the World Refugee Day Telethon (Tuesday, 20th June) to celebrate and empower people seeking asylum and help create a better Australia for everyone. 

For more information please contact 

Kathryn Pollard – 0499700464

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