From Malaysia to Australia: A Journey of Flavours and Finding Freedom

“From Malaysia to Australia: A journey of flavours and finding freedom.”

If you are lucky enough to have a meal cooked for you by Harchana, rest assured that it will be a meaningful experience, straight from the heart.

“When I cook, I always cook with love. Cooking is also my way of showing people love.”

Harchana brings that same warmth and passion to her work at ASRC Catering. Originally beginning as a kitchen hand, she is now excelling as a Cook Team Leader and hopes to become one of the Head Chefs in the future.

ASRC Catering has been a place for Harchana to make friends, learn new skills, and dream of a future in food. Now, with her recently received permanent residency, her dreams of studying a Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery are able to come true.

However, cooking is more than just a career for Harchana, it is a chance to revisit her culture and bring memories to life through traditional recipes.

Harchana sought safety in Australia after several challenges, including difficulties with her ex-husband. Leaving behind Malaysia and everything she knew was a tough decision but it was imperative for her overall wellbeing.

Through the use of signature Malay ingredients and flavours, such as lemongrass, galangal, chili, and fresh turmeric, Harchana revisits the wonderfully vibrant and diverse Malaysian culture through traditional dishes, painted with her own brand of magic.

Working at ASRC Catering has enriched her cooking knowledge even further. She has learned about cuisines and flavours from all over the world from her colleagues.

Being one of this year’s Feast for Freedom Hero Cooks is a proud moment for Harchana. It is a testament to the many skills and qualities she possesses and her tenacity to build a better life here, in her new home.

A melting pot of cultures at the ASRC has further enriched Harchana’s culinary journey, making food not just a source of sustenance but a means to share and appreciate the diverse homes and cultures that converge in Australia. Cooking with love, this storyteller and power-woman invites you to savour the Malaysian menu she crafted with care for the people you love.

Harchana’s menu is about more than just delicious food, it is about encouraging others to share together and learn about the homes and cultures we have all come from. Coming from a country with diverse cultures, Harchana hopes her food resembles the beauty in diversity, and celebrates both the uniqueness and the unity of coming together to share food.

Register today and host a Feast for Freedom to enjoy Harchana’s mouth-watering Malaysian Feast, while raising funds in support of other refugees and people seeking asylum.

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